Avery Transportation, INC

Decades of Pennsylvanian Travel Legacy

 We at  Avery Transportation, Inc. is a third-generation family-owned charter bus company owned by Lyle Avery. Initially, E.Willis Avery owned the company in 1930, after which Willis’s son Frank Avery took over and bought the first motor coach in the early 70’s. Lyle Avery is Frank’s son and is managing the business currently. He owns 9 motor coaches.

Changes Over the Years

 We at  Avery Transportation, Inc. previously had tractor-trailers, dump trucks, and offered taxi service as well. Later, we introduced school bus transportation to our fleet and used the buses for daily school runs and group trips. We parked our Avery bus in front of the White House in 1979. However, Frank and Lyle Avery discontinued the school buses in favor of the motor coaches.

Avery Transportation, INC

Our past Tours Included Multiple World Fairs in

  • New York
  • Montreal
  • New Orleans

Our Past Trips Included Destinations to:

  • Florida
  • California
  • Washington DC
  • Yellowstone National Park